Sunday, January 9, 2011


We welcome you to reduce Your Risk, an informational site to help you learn how to reduce your own personal risk of developing breast cancer.

I began this site after I myself developed breast cancer in fall of 2008.  In the months following my diagnosis, I learned that I had risks of my own for many years that I didn't even know about.  I invite you to read further and see if you also may be putting yourself at risk for breast cancer.  I cannot go back in time to change my own fate, but I hope that in educating other women I might reduce their risks of hearing those terrible words "You have cancer."  You can read my story and that of other survivors on our SURVIVORS STORIES page.
We as women have the power to change the course of lives and it starts today, with educating and informing yourself, then taking action in your own health care and life style.